Jumat, 14 April 2017

Special ability or special skill

Assalammualaikum wr wb
Hallo all...meet with me again. This time I'II write a structured task given miss Dini. This is the task of our fourth.
   This time we were given an assignment to interview a person or a community who has special ability or special skill. And at the end of this her what I choose to interview Aditiya. He is a person who can call an athlete in martial arts taekondow.
   The questions who I give it just about the life story. From an experience who told her from the beginning following the matrial arts until now he's able to survive and the consistent in what has followed her.
  Just go straight, I will tell you of the result of what I have an interview

Name : Aditiya Nisvi Prasetia
Date.   : 14 july 1998
Capability : matrial taekondow

Experience as follows :
   I began to follow the matrial arts since I was sitting at the elementery school in the 5th grade in this self defense must be a point of difficulty that I experienced when my self saying that I was able to face these difficulties then all the difficulties that weight will belighter and noticeably lighter in life. Who has provided the motivation to me that parents and my sister were always provide feedback so that I can bounce back. Event that I've ever played has been a lot because of my elementery school start trained to participate in the competition between schools to this day I can follow the went an national level, my future goals of small wanted to be a professional sports teacher, and my future goals in taekondow want to be an athlete and a coach who is reliable and responsive.

Thank you
Wassalammualaikum wr wb

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

I can't life without

Assalammualaikum wr.wb

   Hello all....meet with me again. This time I will write a structured task given miss Dini. This is the task of our third, that is " I can't life without " .
   At first i'm confused want to write down what in this task and tell you what....????
I think this is very difficult because be related to life.
"  I can't life without "
   I think all that is related to life is important but what is this life a difficult it will be if there is no. While looking for answers to questions that I wanted to play in my cell phone. While enjoying the songs on the play. I think that I can't life without music because music provides quiet in my life and with listening to music I feel a lot to get inspiration.

 So, let's read until the end yeah...
" I can't life without music "
   I like music very much and sing anywhere in his heart,  in a room, in a motorcycle with the song as mood at the time. I can't imagine if there is no music. The world will feel lonely and boring. Music has become one of part of my life and make me a dependence because when I was studying and doing chores, I prefer listening to music with the song that I liked. I would feel comfortable and enjoy even though the task and that song has nothing to do. But if homework while listening to music the task becomes easier not that when the teacher explain us listening to music yeah...
   In addition was a lot of benefits generated by music. In addition to entertaining, music can also increase intelligence the brain, medical treatment and to treat stress on us. Strain of music are normally created to describe certain situation. That was easy or is happy. So if we can enjoy music, according to whaf we want and we love can definitely given an inspiration for us.

Thank's all..
Wassalammualaikum wr.wb

Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

The Story on Tuesday

   On tuesday we learned English Economy, which is every the lesson we learned in AMCOR (American Corner) that is one of the existing facilities in UPT University Library Tanjungpura which is the cooperation between the Rector University Tanjungpura with the embassy of the United States.
   As soon as we got there are quests who come. We were perforce to wait while miss Dini early to find room for us to learn. Not long after miss Dini early contact one of a friend of mine named Epa. He informed that we learned in the British Cultur and Language which is also one of the existing facilities in UPT University Library Tanjungpura that was it can only be used by students a study english language education. But now it's open to the public. So of course we can use it.
   Regarding the learning us today. We were told to be looking for a lesson of a story and the story I choose is " Jump, Stick, Jump".

    Lesson from a story titled " Jump, Stick, Jump"
1. Under any circumstances help people who are trouble and don't ever expect anything in return.
2. Without us asking as small as kindness we did get a reply
3. And as small as evil that we do will also get a reply

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My skills


Hello guys..I'am riya irawan, this time I would like to tell you about my skills.
Read until the end yeah...

   From my the elementary school I was very fond of dancing. Starting from a hobby of assiduous at it and developed it with my friends who are also very fond of dancing. Not just happy dancing but I also want to enhance my skills with dance contest. Although the dance in held only in the village level, but I feel like happy because it is a good start to developed my skills. This dance my field at the time was the malay dance and modern dance.
    The capabilities that I do not assiduous more when I entering into a middle school, because that moment I was too busy with the organization's activities osis, scouts and uks. And at the time was in middle school I only increase my skills in the field of singing by following the vocal group contest at the district level.
    After graduating from middle school I entering into a high school. I went back to developed my skills in the field of dance by following the dance contest in a school in activities to commemorate the oath of youth. By featuring dance the malay us at recommended to following in the dance contest at the district level and will also be taught dance creations. It's a dance of various ethnic. I'm grateful to following the contest, I can add to the science that I had never got before, that is the java dance and dayak dance.
    Until now at the college level, I developed my skills in the field of dance. By following the dance group in the organization of HMP PDE FKIP UNTAN .

Thank you for read to the end guys.

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Profession of an economist

1. Vocabulary

     Paragraf 1
a. Ways : cara
b. Resaurces : sumber penghasilan
c. Labor : tenaga kerja
d. Factories : pabrik
e. Effort : usaha/ upaya
f. Unlimited : tak terbatas
g. Wants : ingin
h. Concerned : prihatin
i. Goods : barang-barang
j. Satisfaction : kepuasan (hati)
k. Collect : mengumpulkan
l. Costs : biaya-biaya
m. Benefits : manfaat
n. Various : berbagai

  Paragraf 2
a. Engage : ikut serta
b. Theoretical : teoritis
c. Variety : variasi
d. Half : setengah / tengah
e. Analize : menganalisa
f. Conditions : kondisi
g. Much : banyak
h. Wears : memakai
i. Analyst : analis

  Paragraf 3
a. Tax : pajak/ harga
b. Interest : minat
c. Gain : laba
d. Entrepreneurs : pengusaha

  Paragraf 4
a. Especially : teristimewa
b. Comfortable : menyenangkan/ nyaman
c. Existence : adanya
d. Assured : percaya/ yakin
e. Weetly : mingguan
f. Paychecks : cek upah / gaji
g. Fringe : pinggir
g. Prefer : lebih suka
h. Calculated : menghitung
i. Risks : resiko
j. Boss : atasan
k. Profit : keuntungan
l. Throught : melalui
m. Risktaking : mengambil resiko
n. Initiative : inisiatif
o. While : saat
p. Percentage : persentase
q. Growth : pertumbuhan
r. Independence : kemerdekaan
s. Could : dapat
t. Measured : telah diperhitungkan
u. Increase : pertambahan
v. Desade : dekade/ dasawarsa

  Paragraf 5
a. Regarded : menghormati
b. Track : taksiran
c. Rich : kaya
d. Tycoon : gelombang politik
e. Rather : agak
f. Wage : gaji/ upah
g. Opt : memilih
h. Wits : kecerdasan
i. Climb : pendakian
j. Washington : kota besar
k. Entrepreneurship : kewiraswastaan
l. Addictiveness : kecanduan
j. Else : lain

2. Exercise 1
   1. Check
   2. Control
   3. Control
   4. Monitor
   5. Check

3. Exercise 2
   1. Costs _(b) expenses, outlay
   2. Monitor_(c) control,manage
   3. Flair_(d) skill, talent, inclination
   4. Entrepreneur_(e) employer
   5. Forecast_(h) prediction
   6. Provide_(g) place of work
   7. Job setting_(f) responsible
   8. Liable_(a) supplay, equip, outfit

4. Exercise 3
    1. Quallity
    2. Entrepreneurial
    3. Tycoon
    4. Benefits of fringe benefits
    5. Costs
    6. Self-employed
    7. Entrepreneurial
    8. Provide
    9. Costs
    10. Quallity

Discussion task

On the 28th of February 2017 our class got the task group from Miss Dini.

Our group :
2.Riya Irawan
4.Thiara Sati Apriliya

The Question is....
1. Why have you chosen the profession of an economist ?
2. Would you like to work for a company, teach economic disciplines at university or operate your own economic business ?
3. Do you think you have entrepreneurial flair or talent ? What traits is a succesful businessman supposed to prossess ?

And the answer from our group is....
1. We choose Economics Education at FKIP UNTAN because, various reasons, we liked the economic lessons, and we idolized economics teacher and also want to learn knowledge about the economy
2. We would like to teach economic disciptines at University because, we aspired want to be a teacher, and share knowladge to others
3. We don't have entrepreneural flair. But in our opinion, a successful businessman should have, confidence, leadership, creativity, it's not casy to despair, dare to take riks, and tike time in the best possible.

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

My story

Hello...introduce my name is Riya Irawan can be called Riya. I come from Kayong Utara regency, west kalimantan. This is the blog and writing my first, read until this end yeah..

The reason why I continue my study to University level ?

I want to change social mobility the family from my parents are just low educated and in an era of globalisation is everyone competing in the pursue of education in order for later in the world of work can get a proper job.

Why choose Economic Education

Because motivated by teachers who teach lessons the economic and at first I don't want to get into economic education but accounting. Because of the time of registering the SNMPTN at the University Tanjungpura not pass and the time of registering the SBNMPTN also not pass. At the time of registering the MANDIRI I decided to choose the economic education as the first choice. And thank god I pass, with the reason why I choose economic education I think in economic education a lot of work that we could get. Although we were meant to be a teacher but  it is possible we can work in other fields which is still in touch with the economic.
 As she went to work in a bank employee, an office employee, in the company even we can open their own business. One more thing in the economic education our get one knowledge of which is not in it by the faculty of economic. It's education.

Thank's guys, wassalamualaikum wr wb